The event api allows pulling of match data almost immeadiatly after a match ends.


The endpoint documentation can be found HERE. NOTE: This api requires an API key and login.

Obtaining an API key

To get your api key, head over to the new request site and request a token. Make sure to list 5024 as your frc team.

Your API key for HTTP access is created by adding your username to your key with a colon in the middle, then base64 encoding it. For example, if your username is sampleuser and your key is 7eaa6338-a097-4221-ac04-b6120fcc4d49 you would have this string:


Bae64 encoding this would give:


Wrapper APIs

While nobody talks about the event api, you have seen it used before under a different name. The Blue Alliance API is actually just a wrapper around the Events API. The only difference is that The Blue Alliance uses a Docker caching server (This is why the TBA app is always slightly out of date during an event).

I (@ewpratten) also have my own wrapper at that allows for limited polling of the API.