The RobotLogger is a threaded logging system that reduces stress on the network logging system (NetConsole), and reduces console spam.


To log data with the RobotLogger, You can do the following in any class

// Get a logger instance
RobotLogger logger = RobotLogger.getInstance();

// Log some standard text
logger.log("Some text");

// Log a warning
logger.log("This is a warning", Level.kWarning);

// Log data before the scheduler starts
logger.log("This will be immediately pushed to the console", Level.kRobot);

How it works

The RobotLogger uses an ArrayList to buffer any message to be logged, then upon a call to update (usually by the FRC Notifier), it will print every message from the list and clear it.

Any message logged at the Level.kRobot level, will be immediately pushed to the console.