[WIP] Robot Localization

Localization is like a GPS for our robots. We use a group of precise sensors to determine the robot’s location withing a few centimeters accuracy.

Available implementations

There are many ways to determine a robot’s location on the field. Some are much easier to accomplish than others. Here are a few common methods:

  • Adding a light beacon to the robot, then using computer vision from a camera on the DriverStation to find the robot’s rough location
  • Using RFID beacons
    • Requires support from the venue & field
    • Provided by Zebra Technologies for some FRC events
  • Using an overhead camera view to detect robot position
    • Similar concept to the first option
    • Not currently FRC field legal
  • Using encoders & gyroscopes to track location history
    • Requires precise sensors, and reliable code
    • Can run anywhere without needing external sensors (cameras, radios)
    • Used by many teams, and well documented

Our implementation

Angle offset