Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get build errors from the Compressor subsystem?

This is due to a namespacing issue. We generally try to use other names that mean the same thing. In the past, the names: cCompressor, Pressurizer, and Pneumatics were used to fix this problem. Not enough information has been gathered yet to file a bug report upstream with the WPIlib team.

Gradle is throwing “class not found” errors

This is a common issue on Linux systems due to versioning issues. Generally, the best solution is to:

  • Uninstall Gradle from the system
  • Install the latest Gradle package from their website NOT your package manager
  • Run gradle wrapper in the project folder

Motors are behiving unexpectadly

There is a high chance that this is due to motor safety being enabled. To fix this, call the .setSafetyEnabled(false) method on all SpeedController, and DifferentialDrive objects related to, or using that motor.

Robot is spinning in circles when it should be driving forward

If your robot is spinning in circles when it should be driving forward, try invert the right motor.