MiniBot is our prototyping robot. It is also used for teaching programming to new members.

Robot Photo



The encoders have 360 ticks per revolution.

Object Mesurement (cm)
drivebase width (wheel to wheel) 50.8 cm
Length (back to front) 61.595 cm
Width (left to right) 59.69 cm
Wheel diameter 15.24 cm
Wheel spacing (from axel to axel) 19.685 cm
DriveTrain height 8.255 cm
DriveTrain cutout depth 22.86 cm
DriveTrain height from ground 5.715 cm
Cage height from drivetrain 30.48 cm
Cage length (back to front) 58.42 cm
Cage width (left to right) 50.8 cm
Gyro position offset (left to right) 10.16 cm to left of centre
Gyro position offset (front to back) 17.78 cm to the rear of robot