Darth Raider

Darth Raider (aka. Backflip) is our 2020 & 2021 competition robot, designed for the game Infinite Recharge.

Robot Photo


Robot features

Darth raider is a high-scoring robot designed to quickly get around the field. Three cameras are used for aiming, and a collection of drivebase sensors are used to localize the robot at all times. This allows darth raider to run real-time autonomous paths, and respond to it's environment. All actions are fully automated to let the drivers focus on scoring, not small tasks like sorting balls.

Robot operation guide

Instructions on operating this robot can be found here:

Operation guide

The team

This robot was programmed by the following 5024 software developers:

With help from our amazing mentors:

Robot design, wiring, and construction were handled by the respective 5024 sub-teams.