Compiling Lib5K From Source

Compiling Lib5K from source is reasonably simple.

Compiling for testing

Just like any gradle project, we can do a local build with

# Linux
./gradlew build

# Windows
.\gradlew.bat build

Compile errors

There are a few possibilities for compile errors when building the project for the first time. See the troubleshooting page for solutions.

Compiling a local copy of the documentation

If you are looking to view the JavaDoc locally, you can manually generate it with:

# Linux
./gradlew clean :lib5k:build :lib5k:customJavadoc

# Windows
.\gradlew.bat clean :lib5k:build :lib5k:customJavadoc

Keep in mind, any code pushed to the master branch will automatically have its javadoc built in our CI pipeline by .github/workflows/docs.yml, and will be published to

Building a release for testing

It is very common to manually build yourself a release of Lib5K for use in another project. This is generally caused by a quick fix being required, when you don't have time to make a full library release on GitHub. To build a "beta" release of Lib5K, make sure you are in the branch you are wanting to build, then go run the command listed in the releasing a new version guide. Instead of uploading the files to GitHub, just copy them over to your other project.