BaseBot is a complete rewrite of BarebonesFRC with 2 goals. Do it right, and do it fast. The entire codebase is written in pure c/c++ and some components are being optimized further with the help of assembly analysis.


This code can be "installed" in one of two ways. First, is via an official release:

These are the steps:

  • Get the latest release from github
  • Unpack the compressed archive
  • Open it as a folder in vscode
  • Set your team number in wpilib
  • Deploy using wpilib

The second way is to use rolling release / waterfall. Just do the steps above, but use git to clone the master branch instead of grabbing the latest release.

NOTE: 5024 members should always use the second method.


When deploying code to our robots we have a problem where, on the first few tries, the deployment fails due to not being able to find the RIO. Just keep trying, and it will eventually work.


This codebase has a modified version of 2018's offseason DriverMenu.

Action Controlle
Hold Y button Driver's controller While enabling the robot Switches to TriggerDrive